The Dutchie Head wrap

Royal House of Wraps

$ 35.00

Royals, did you know that London has a large Jamaican population? In fact London is the second most diverse city in the world making it rich in so many cultures!!! So, while there my Brit-sis took us to her favorite Jamaican restaurant named, you guessed it, " The Dutchie". When I tell you, this is THE BEST Jamaican food I have ever had in my LIFE, I was really trying to convince the owner, whose name was Keyon, to open up a spot here in Cali!!! From the curry and brown stew chicken to the festival balls and coconut rice and peas, yah girl stayed on full!!! Hmm...I'm trying to figure out a way to get and order overnighted to me...Let me see what I can work out!!!! lol BLESS UP!

* 100% authentic African wax print

* Approx. 22" x 72"

* Yellow, black and white

* Perfect for the Jamaican food loving Royal

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