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Paris... Always a Good Idea head wrap

Paris... Always a Good Idea head wrap

$ 45.00

Okay Royals! So, from London everywhere else in Europe is like only a skip and a hop away..Being that part of this trip was in celebration of my birthday,🔊 LIBRA GANG, lol  going to Paris was a MUST, plus, it's been on my bucket list to try this infamous €16, about $18USD, I know absurd, cracker cheesecake from Hotel Costes which they are famous and known for! So, me and my girls got up at 4am on a Wednesday morning to get decked out for Paris and took a train to Gatwick airport to hop on a 8am flight to Paris which is only a 45 min plane ride! Once we landed in Paris it literally turned into an photoshoot! We drenced the city in Black Girl Magic from the Louvre to the Eifel tower! I mean you couldn't tell us a thing! Once we concluded our photoshoot, lol, we finally made it to Hotel Costes to see what all the fuss was about with this cheesecake. First off the hotel is absolutely nostalgic and encapsulates the feel of Paris in its moody romantic decor..Cant wait to go back with the hubby...Anyway, so me and my girls were sitted outside on the terrace and our server came over to take our order and I uttered the words Ive visualized saying for over the past year, "Je voudrais le cheesecake"! lol Nothing more, that was all! The server smiled and walked away and came back a short time later with THE cheesecake...So before I indulged myself, I took pictures of the cheesecake naturally so that I could savor the moment forever...Snapped the perfect picture and I was now completely ready to devour this cheesecake. I dove my spoon right in and had a nice heap on my spoon and it happened...I think I passed out for a nano second and the French angel Michael appeared! Royals, its was soo rich and decadent, slighty different than a New York cheesecake as the texture of the filling wasnt as firm. I was fully satisfied and my expectations were definitely met and trust me I will be back for MORE!


* 100% authentic African Bazin cotton print (bazin= soft satin feel with a soft sheen)

* Approx. 22" x 72"


* Perfect for the Flight catching Royal