Greenwich Market

Royal House of Wraps

$ 30.00

Greenwich Village, which bears the same name as the one in New York, was established in the 1700's and was such a charming little market that I had the chance to visit in London!!! There were so many different artisans and crafts and yummy food and treats from around the world.  It totally reminded me of the Farmers Market here in Hollywood which totally gave me a sense of home. I love to be surrounded by artists and their craft because it's always inspiring and gets my juices flowing too! I was lucky enough to snag a really cool African print bag from another artist at the market who had her sewing machine on site and was whipping up pieces for people right on the spot! That's what you call DOPENESS!!! Can't wait to go back!!!!

                                                           Greenwich Market Head Wrap

* Authentic African Cotton Print

* Approx. 22" x 72"

* Multicolored

* Perfect for the Greenwhich Market Royal