Fish and Chips

Royal House of Wraps

$ 30.00

As we know Royals, Fish and Chips started in London and they are famous for this staple comfort food! Of course after I fell off the vegan wagon I had to experience authentic Fish and Chips...ELLLOOO I'm in London after all!!! I had my Fish and Chips, which was one gigantic piece of fried cod and thick cut fries, served the traditional English way with a liquid vinegar topping and wrapped in newspaper!!! Let me just sum up my Fish and Chips affair with one word, YAAAASSS!!! It was delish!!! Since I couldn't finish my meal in one sitting, you know I was creeping to the fridge in the middle of the night for a yummy midnight snack! LOL

                                                            Fish and Chips Head Wrap

* Authentic African Wax Print

* Approx. 22" x 72"

* Multicolored

* Perfect for the Fish and Chip Loving Royal

* Please note fabric will soften after washing*