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Back to My Essence II Face Mask

$ 20.00


Royals, WELCOME TO THE "NO TIME FOR RONA" collection!!! To say that this is a very interesting time we are all living in right now is an understatement and it has definitely affected us all in some way.  You know how sometimes your blessings show up wrapped a little differently than you expected? Well if so, I believe that this time is now.  Take this time to give yourself that extra love and self care. Take this time to reinvent yourself, take this time to be grateful for your life and the journey, take this time to create, take this time to reflect, just take this time to be.  


Mask Details:

*  100% Cotton

* Reusable/ Washable

* Filter pocket

* Elastic band that goes behind head *NOT EARS

* Complimentary disposable PM2.5 carbon filter included (when available) which alone offers 6 layers of filtering (8 layers in total) *It is recommended to replace the filter once a week* 

* Please note pattern design may vary slightly from what is shown in picture 

* Matching head wrap available *



Royal House of Wraps does not claim nor purport that our face mask are N-95 or surgical mask, which  should be reserved for our front line heroes. Furthermore, Royal House of Wraps does not make any claim that our mask  prevent novel corona virus or any other airborne or communicable diseases.  Mask  should not be shared and are to be used and worn at the sole discretion of the wearer. Before removing your mask always wash your hands thoroughly first, then remove mask by pulling the elastic straps over your head. Mask should be hand washed after each usage in public and either air dried or dried on a low temperature setting in your dryer. Please continue to follow all CDC guidelines . 

*Please note face mask are not recommended by the CDC for children 2 years  old or less