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Royal House of Wraps Inc.

Posted on November 20 2015

First Post

Hello ROYALS!!! Today is our launch day and I am soo honored and blessed to share this very moment with you!!! Welcome to your virtual throne where you will find creativity and fashion at your fingertips!!! What better day to launch than National Head Wrap day right? So fitting! I would also like to send a shout out to my beautiful friend Tina whose birthday is today and with whom I embarked on this journey with! In honor of our launch enjoy 10% off of your first order and free shipping if your spend $60 or more!!! Thank you all for your wonderful support! The #11thHour <3

Be Bold. Be Creative. Be Royal.




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  • E.HOUSTON: September 12, 2020

    Tell more about your wraps are the material that you wrap yourself or is it like a hat that’s already put together and you just put it on please send me this information I think they’re beautiful

  • Bonnie Davis: September 12, 2020

    Dear Royally Beautiful Royal Wraps…I have been richly blessed by stumbling across your business on Instagram and who knew that when that happened to me that I would be on a continuous journey with you..The color palette of these HEAD WRAPS are the most gorgeous and alluring patterns that I have ever seen..My collection has grown tremendously and the compliments pour out whenever I adorn myself in such ’’REGALNESS’’…and the ‘’QUEEN METER’’ just goes into overdrive, if you know what I mean..lolol….soooo…I wish my sister Natalie much ’’SUCCESS’’ in everything she touches…this is truly a unique business for women who love to glow, shine and walk proudly when they put on all of the ‘’Glory" that will surround them when they wear the most stunning ’’HEAD WRAPS’ ever!!!!!..Much Love, Honey :) :) :) XOXOXO..Ms. Bonnie

  • Marissa Lopez: November 23, 2015

    So excited and proud of your new adventure! All the material and patterns look beautiful! You’re going to have to teach this Mexican how to wrap her hair up! Many blessings on your business! Xoxo

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